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Pillars is your steward

You can opt for stewardship if you do not want to be involved in the leasing of a property and all the associated administrative and practical hassles.  With Pillars you are sure of a professional follow-up and you can spend your free moments better.

How does Pillars support you?

  • Pillars follows the same step-by-step plan for a new lease as for brokerage.
  • On top of that there is the assignment to follow the entire rental proces with the tenant.
  • Monthly check of the payment of the rent and any charges and correct distribution thereof.
  • Informing tenant and lessor or rent indexation.
  • Follow up of any problems.
  • Organisation of maintenance.
  • Annual check o the principle 'Good family man'.
  • Reports to you.
  • If necessary, re-introduce in the rental market and find a new tenant.

'Thank you for the thorough follow-up and support in a non-evident dossier with complex legislation. We especially appreciated the clear communication and solution-oriented thinking. '

Joachim V. - Beernem

Your advantages:

  • You are well guided on the legal aspects.
  • Via Pillars you have all the necessary contacts for following up on your file.
  • Pillars is fully aware of the current real estate market for you and assists you in this.
  • You get reliability, Pillars is your confidential advisor and investigates it for you.
  • Pillars gives you good and transparent advice.
  • You get value for money, we try to get a better price for you.
  • We accompany you as long as you wish, you can choose how you spend your free moments.
  • You can sleep soundly knowing we arrange everything for you.

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