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You are the owner

You are about to sell or rent your house. You are not familiar with the housing market, you have no idea what is involved and there are so many real estate agents. Who can you trust? What is best for you?

How does Pillars support you?

  • A site visit in the building is very important.  We also ask you for some information so that we can make the correct valuation.
  • A second appointment is made so that we can present and explain our findings.
  • We draw up a contract, where we record all conditions correctly.
  • Pillars organizes everything for publication of your property: photographer, experts for certificates,...
  • A complete sales file is compiled.
  • Your property is published on different channels: our website, portal sites, social media,...
  • Pillars takes charge of the on-site visits: you are always aware of all meetings and feedback is provided.
  • You will receive a report at least once a month.
  • Each bid is passed on to you.
  • Pillars provides a clear negotiation to achieve an optimal result.
  • After agreement on the price for the good, Pillars prepares the compromise.  If you wish, you can have this checked by your own notary.
  • For sale: between the signing of compromise and deed we remain available to you.
  • Counter readings are recorded and take-over documents are entered.
  • For rental: organization of location description, registration of the lease.  If you want more services, you can always ask for further information on the Stewardship service.
  • For sale: Pillars is present at the deed: handing over original documents, signing the take-over documents, issuing keys.

'We are very satisfied with the progress of the sale of our apartment. We got a lot of info and there was certainly no question from us that remained without result. One thing is certain: in the future we certainly want to work with you!! Well done!!'

Nancy V. - Evergem

Your advantages

  • You are well guided on the legal aspects.
  • Through Pillars you have all the necessary contacts for following up on your file.
  • Pillars is fully aware of the current real estate market for you and assists you in this.
  • You get reliability, Pillars is your confidential advisor and investigates it for you.
  • Pillars gives you good and transparent advice.
  • You get value for your money, we try to get a better price for you.
  • We guide you to the completion of the dossier: notarial deed, takeover energy and water...
  • You can sleep soundly knowing we arrange everything for you.

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