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Who is Pillars

Sarah Verbeke - Manager - biv 509 238

In my master's degree program at the sports faculty in Leuven, in addition to the theory lessons and practical exercises, we were given the experience to work together, form a team, to analyze tactical and technical situations, to teach people something that they never expected to ever be able to create and maintain a bond of trust ... I got a powerful motivation by being the cause of a euphoric success. My passion to help fellow human beings is the basis of my choice to complete the training of real estate agent, to achieve my BIV recognition and to continue this mission in my own office. I am here for and by you.


+32 470 58 37 11


Pillars - Future team

Pillars is currently a home office. We go where the customer is. Of course, the objective is to build a team of like-minded people to be of even better service to you. The real estate agent who can find himself in this and who feels called to be part of this team, can always contact us!


To be continued!

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