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Why choose Pillars

You are about to sell or rent your house.  The housing market is not familiar to you, you have no idea what is involved and there are so many real estate agents.  Who can you trust?  What is best for you? Pillars distinguishes itself in a number of areas to make the difference for you! 

Expertise and recognition

Pillars is recognized as real estate agent-broker by the supervisory authority BIV met BIV-number 509 238 and is subject to the ethics of the real estate agent. Pillars is also a member of the CIB.  These channels provide support and the necessary further training.

A correct price setting

Good pricing ensures smooth sales and rental.  A substantiated advice is therefore an absolute necessity.  Pillars therefore provides you with a thorough report of valuation based on the preliminary research, recognized calculation methods and recent market analyzes.  this report therefore also serves as an internal tool for the assignment.

Packages adapted to your wishes

You can choose for your convenience and simplicity.  For this Pillars proposes you, as it were, its fixed and full-fledged menu.  If you want more options and flexibility yourself, Pillars offers you the possibility to go à-la-carte.  Or you can make a combination of both!  What suits you best will come up during our conversations.

'Thanks for the super follow-up of the sale!'

Peter V. - Ostend

Personal follow-up and customized advice

Pillars stands for 1 contact person for all your questions and solutions.  We are directly accessible via telephone and e-mail.  A face-to-face contact is organized quickly, we are happy to listen to you.  We adapt our advice to every situation: the housing market, your property, your wishes, the target group,...

Professional photos

A first impression, an immediate attraction, a feeling of coming home... Photos evoke feelings.   1 images says more than 1,000 words, so you have to make sure you tell the perfect story!  That is why we prefer to work with a professional photographer to manage this. gevoel van thuiskomen... Foto's lokken gevoelens uit. 

Complete file building

A complete dossier is the best foundation on which the sale and rental of your property is built.  Pillars solicits all mandatory documents and attestations, conducts searches on the specific ituation of your property, ensures that all parties are well-informed to come to a well-considered decision!

'I want to thank you once again for everything that had to do with the sale of the house. Everything was perfectly fine.'

Anne R. - Saint Michiels Bruges

Your property in the spotlight

Pillars places your property in the market in the best possible way.  In addition to its own website, it is also advertised on an ideal mix of real estate portal sites.  We complete the story with social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.  Follow us and help expand the network! 

Professional monitoring

Pillars wants to offer you the highest quality.  We wish to work in a customer-oriented way and to respond better to your needs.  With our software we ensure proper follow-up and correct reporting.  Statistics are viewed and the market analyzed.  You will receive a perfect overview of the state of affairs.

Transparent communication

Let us know what you think.  Do you have questions, are there new developments in a certain area, have you recovered old documents,... Pillars is here for you!  Within a reasonable period of time we can inform you, solve something, make adjustments.  We also advise you in all honesty and openness from our experiences.

'Nice to be able to communicate with you like that. Good luck!'

Eddy C. - Bruges

Result commitment

Pillars first invests in you.  Each property can be sold or rented if the right context is created.  Life has different shades of gray, adjustments are sometimes necessary.  That is why we make the commitment with you to come to the best result: the agreement.  Only when it's written black on white, we ask you for your financial appreciation.

We care

You will work with someone who cares about it.  Pillars finds that you and your property are important.  Your concerns are taken away by us.  Our heart for the profession enables everyone to act confidently and can look forward to an optimal outcome.  We fully believe in this approach an that makes us stronger.

Customer satisfaction

You as a customer are central to Pillars.  We see you as more than just a referene in the database.  Respect, friendliness, professionalism, thoroughness, transparency and trust are of paramount importance to Pillars.  Our service towards you is the ultimate endeavor to make you happy.

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